Patio Heaters – Picking The Best One And Safety Tips

Patio heaters are a great way to keep warm on a cold night outside. Many people are beginning to invest in them because it provides a good amount of heat. With a patio heater, enjoying a good night out is easily enjoyed without having to bulk up. There are a few things to consider when thinking about the right patio heater for you to purchase.

Two of the greatest things to consider is the amount of space you need to be heated, and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Patio Heaters - Picking The Best One And Safety Tips

Patio Heaters – Picking The Best One And Safety Tips

Before buying an outdoor heater, you should find out your community’s safety regulations. Some places do not allow open flames or patio heaters. This is important because you don’t want to end up spending hundreds on a machine you can’t use.

Patio heaters come in two ways, portable and permanent. Portable heaters run off of propane. Patio heaters, usually have a specific space underneath it for the propane tank. With a propane ran patio heater, installation is very easy. So easy, you can do it yourself. If you are looking for a heater that can be easily transported to various places on both your patio, or around your backyard, a heater that uses propane, would be the best patio heater for you.

If you are looking for a heater that will only need to be placed in one place, I would suggest investing in a patio heater that uses natural gas. Natural gas patio heaters are not as portable, because it is hooked up to a gas line. Because it is attached to a line, you will need to hire a certified technician. Attempting to set it up yourself, is greatly advised against, especially if you have no prior experience.

Safety experts say that a heater should have it’s own specific outlet. If you already have a line, multiple outlets can be installed, but it is only suggested to have two patio heaters per line. These cost significantly higher amounts of money than portable ones, but are said to be safer. So if you only need a heater in one specific location, a permanent heater will be the right patio heater for you.

Since most heaters do contain open fires, it is incredibly important to adhere by the safety rules. The owners manual has safety rules that will insure that you and your family will be safe while using this product. Please be wary of children and pets playing next to the patio heater, for they may accidentally tip it over causing a fire. Most patio heater though, usually have a feature which allows the heater to automatically turn off when tilted to an angle.

Another thing to think about, is to beware of placing heater next to any combustible items, because this may cause a fire. When picking a heater, the best thing to think about is your needs, and their various safety rules.

How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner in a Room without Windows

I remember back when I was a kid, my parents would make us open the windows to each bedroom and install our portable air conditioners. It took about an hour to set each room up, except for the summer we installed an AC in the den.

The den didn’t have any windows present, so you couldn’t just place it in the window and use foam or plastic to seal around it. No, this was a project that required a little strategy.

How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner in a Room without Windows

How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner in a Room without Windows

My dad’s first choice was to try building a ventilation system through the ceiling. You can only imagine those types of struggles. However, today there are kits available consisting of a:

* Ventilation port
* 9ft. hose

You would primarily see this type of innovation used for computer server rooms, even though they can be used in any room with the right ceiling.

There is also an opportunity to use dual hose setups. If you decide to take this route, it’s important to purchase two kits, since only one port is available in each one.

Dryer Ventilation

Since ceiling work can time consuming in some rooms, some homeowners install their portable air conditioner with the same approach as the dryer vent in your laundry room. Unfortunately you do have to cut a hole in the wall, but it can be done in an inconspicuous area.

The biggest benefit is not having to be close to a window. In addition, this ventilation system will be easier to maintain and reach whenever necessary.

Proper Preparation

You must consider all aspects of installing a portable air conditioner before starting the project. Here are a couple things to consider, like:

1. Hose length – Since your hose has to be able to reach the ventilation port, we recommend at least nine feet. You might only need six feet, but purchasing a little more will allow you to save time on your project.

2. Where to place your portable air conditioner – In most cases, a room without windows has the air conditioner built into the ceiling. If you are unable to take this route, look for a place where the ventilation will not be constricted. One of the biggest mishaps is hiding the portable air conditioner where no one can see it. Often times these places don’t allow the air to flow freely into the room.

In the end, it is possible to install a portable air conditioner in a room without windows. All you have to do is plan ahead and purchase the right kit. I’m sure you will have an easier time then my dad.

Choosing The Right Cordless Screwdriver

A cordless screwdriver is also commonly called an electric screwdriver. This tool is a great tool to use for someone that is doing a lot of wood work or dealing with metals and concrete.

Choosing The Right Cordless Screwdriver

Choosing The Right Cordless Screwdriver

Cordless screwdrivers are very convenient tools to be used because they can be taken anywhere you go where you have projects to work on. There are some things that you should take into consideration when looking for the best cordless screwdriver.


Cordless screwdrivers come in a variety of different sizes. Some are pocket-sized and are meant for minor tasks, while others are larger and meant for more complicated tasks.


The grips on cordless screwdrivers do vary greatly. It is important that you look for a cordless screwdriver that has a good handle grip that is easy to hold onto and makes it simple for you to screw objects. You will want a grip that is comfortable and made of good quality rubber materials will which allow it to last longer. However, some rubber grips will not necessarily keep you from getting shocked, so be careful!


When working with materials like wood you need to go with a cordless screwdriver that has a small motor; an ideal motor would be one that is 3.8 volts. However, if you plan to be working with heavy materials then you will need a motor that is powerful. A cordless screwdriver for heavy tasks should have a motor that is at least 12 to 14.4 volts. If you will be using your cordless screw driver on a regular basis then you will need to buy one with at least 18 volts; which is the strongest motor that you can get.


The battery life on a cordless screwdriver is very important because you will need to choose a cordless screwdriver depending upon how long you need for it to last. If you will be using the cordless screwdriver quite often then you will need a cordless screwdriver that has a long battery life. If you will only need the cordless screwdriver for random projects every once in a while then it is okay to purchase one with an average battery life that you should recharge after each use.


How fast do you need your cordless screwdriver to drill? The fastest ones tend to be the ones with a higher voltage. If you need more control then you might want to choose one that has a lower speed.

How Home Dehumidifiers Work

A dehumidifier is a device that is used to control the amount of moisture that is within a certain space range of a room. The levels that are typically used for these types of humidifiers would be within a range of 40 and 50 percent. Levels higher than those could be a risk in causing certain health issues in a person.

When levels are higher than 50% there is also an increased chance of mold and mildew forming which is not safe to breathe in. Mildew and mold are fungus that can grow in and on your walls, air vents, wooden furniture, carpet, clothing and more. It is definitely not something that you want growing in your home.

How Home Dehumidifiers Work

How Home Dehumidifiers Work

How would I know I need a dehumidifier?

There are factors about each and every individual’s home that will determine whether or not they need a dehumidifier. Some of the signs that you should look for which would tell you that you are in need of one would include:

  1. Water spots on ceilings
  2. Condensation on the glass window from the inside
  3. Vapor on windows or glass from certain weather conditions

The above mentioned are signs that there is a high moisture level present in your home or in a certain room in your home.

Out of most rooms in a home bathrooms tend to be the rooms that are affected by the humidity level. The walls, ceilings, and windows if there are any in the bathroom are affected from the moisture of taking hot showers or baths. It is common for mold and mildew to grow along the cracks of showers and tubs.

Sometimes you can smell a musty-like odor in some rooms or cramped spaces where mildew and mold are present; this would be another indication that a dehumidifier is needed.

If you are currently considering purchasing a dehumidifier then you will want to do an online search for the top rated dehumidifiers on the market. The top brands are generally those that are trusted and have been proven to work the best amongst the rest of the dehumidifier brands. You want to make sure that you purchase the right one that suits your needs as well so make sure you read all of the features that the dehumidifier has as well.

A dehumidifier basically works by eliminating the condensed water on cold surfaces such as windows or glass in your home. It operates by a fan that blows warm air near or on the condensed location to keep the area at room temperature.

For reviews of the top rated dehumidifiers in 2013 check out

Choosing The Best Paint Sprayer For Your Home Improvement Projects

When it’s time to remodel or do home improvements with the need for painting, buying paint brushes, rollers, thinners and other accessories will surely add up to a lot of money. It will also take hours of your precious time as you paint layer by layer just to make sure the coat is even.

There are inexpensive paint sprayers that cost about $200 or more and will surely make the job a lot easier and the result is going to surprise you. Now you don’t need to end up with a paint job that’s unsatisfactory with brush strokes that are unsightly.
Black & Decker BDPH400 SmartSelect HVLP Sprayer Review
These airless sprayers are now getting more and more popular because it doesn’t form any bubbles once sprayed onto walls and other surfaces. The best airless paint sprayers coat the paint evenly. It comes with a handheld gun for painting and different sizes of tips plus a cart if it’s the professional type of sprayer you have and it will help you conveniently maneuver around your workplace.

If you’re tired of brush painting and finally want to move to paint sprayers then you can find several affordable sprayers around with instructions that will teach you how to use it. It’s also advised that you practice using the paint sprayer first before you do the actual work to ensure expert quality result as you already know how to use it correctly and you’re already comfortable with it.

Some people needs to test the sprayer a few times before they get the hang of it and once they mastered using the sprayer they’d find any painting job to be quite effortless. You can even read instructions online or you can find paint sprayer customer ratings to help you find the right type of paint sprayer for your kind of job.

There are many articles and blog posts online about paint sprayers so if you think it will help you to learn more about how to use it then you can read these posts. Don’t be nervous in using the paint sprayer because it will really make your painting job a breeze once you’re already used to it. You’d end up saving a lot of money from hiring a professional as you can get the job done yourself and still get professional looking result each time.

The Advantages Of Tankless Water Heaters For Outdoors

Perhaps you are planning to replace your tank gas water heater with a model that is tankless. You might want to consider purchasing a model for outdoors.

If you purchase an outdoor water heater then you wont have to worry about the hazards and the dangers of leaks in your home from gas heaters. A heater that is meant for the outside is also known to be cheaper for installing versus the tanks that you would have to place on the inside of your home.

There are a number of different tankless water heater brands available on the market to choose from. Some of these brands include:

  1. Rheem
  2. Noritz
  3. Bosch Takagi
  4. Rinnai

These outdoor water heaters are also known to be water proof as well so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged due to the rain or other weather conditions. The reason these tankless heaters can withstand various different weather conditions is because they have freeze protection technology installed into them.

The Advantages Of Tankless Water Heaters For Outdoors

The Advantages Of Tankless Water Heaters For Outdoors

These outdoor tanks are capable of using two different types of gas; natural gas and propane gas. These tanks are mounted to a wall on the outside of your home. These tanks are protected for up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case it can be installed in the majority of different weather conditions.

Bathrooms in your home that are located the furthest away from the water heater might experience a longer wait for the hot water to kick in. If you are looking for a way to resolve this issue then you can install the heater closer to whatever area of your home that it needs to serve the best.

However, in some cases this might not be possible for you to do. It can be quite dangerous to install your water heater too close to some areas because of the risk of gas leaking. However, you are able to install a tankless water heater to the outside wall or your bedroom or your kitchen.

If you are uncertain of which brand or tankless outdoor water heater would be best to install on the outside of your home then you might be interested in checking out some tankless water heater reviews online. By reading these reviews, you can learn more about what to expect when purchasing a particular model and you can also read what others think about certain tankless outdoor heater models as well.

Where To Start When You Plan To Buy A Pressure Cooker

There are many people who post their questions online about what size or kind of pressure cooker should they buy, what features to look for and many other questions. When a person is already convinced that it’s a wise idea to buy one, the next question is how they can find the right one for them. Check the pressure cooker ratings as well as that’s also important.

It’s a good idea to buy a set with one that has a 4 quart and an 8 quart pot with dual lids. One lid can be used for pressure cooking pots while the other that is clear and tempered is good for pots used for regular cooking. This will eliminate the need to get another pot.

Where To Start When You Plan To Buy A Pressure Cooker

Where To Start When You Plan To Buy A Pressure Cooker

For those living alone you can just get a smaller pot so it’s easier to cook for one without much left overs. The larger pot is good for making desserts. You can put a container inside it and still have enough space surrounding the dessert with pressurized steam. It’s also great for making chili or stew that can be served to a big crowd. Make sure that you won’t fill the pressure cooker more than half when you are going to cook beans or rice in it as they still tend to froth.

The 8 quarts are great for canning and storing them in small jars. It has everything needed to preserve your foods as the 240 degrees temperature that it produces is enough to kill all the health hazard causing bacteria in the food so it will be ready for packing.

A pressure cooker with 2 temperature settings is good as you can cook in lower temperature for more delicate foods such as fish and you can use the high setting for other foods.

Make sure you keep your pots clean and keep the vent holes cleaned and clear. Also, don’t buy the cheapest one you’ll find as the good stainless steel ones are priced within the range of $60 to $200 each. It can even last a lifetime if cared for properly.

This pressure cooker can surely beat the top rice cookers around because it not only help you cook rice but it can do so much more.

Choosing A Good Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

We all have a special place in our heart for our furry friends. Dogs are truly a man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Many of us enjoy bonding with our pets, but dislike cleaning up shedded hair. There are a few ways to cope with this issue: get on your hands and knees and start sweeping, live in a home filled to the brink with hair, or investing in a vacuum especially used for picking up pet hair.

While debating on which vacuum to purchase, it is of the utmost importance to determine a few factors that will aid you in acquiring the best pet hair vacuum for you. Something that many people seem to neglect, is that even if a vacuum was not specifically produced for the task of cleaning pet hair, it may have the ability to do so.
Choosing A Good Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair
Two great vacuums that are not specifically used for pet hair would be, the Shark Navigator and the Hoover Platinum. A few things to keep in mind when buying the best pet hair vacuum for you will be the suction level, weight, and most importantly online reviews.

There is nothing like slaving over a dirty floor, only to uncover that there are still segments of dirt left over. This can be a major problem, especially if you have kids or guest over. It is unsanitary and, to say the least, not so appealing to the eyes. Dirt seems to pop out especially in carpets, that is why you should take time to make sure you invest in a vacuum with good suction. It should not only be able to pick up pet hair, but also clean deep within the carpet.

If you are looking around for a vacuum you will most likely come across something called air watts, these are the same thing as suction power watts. These are important because, this is a good indicator of how much this vacuum can pick up. The number of watts recommended will depending on the type of vacuum you choice. For cylinder vacuums, it is recommended to get one that has about 220 watts, if you are interested in an upright vacuum it is recommended to get one that has 100 watts.

Weight is another thing to put into consideration. If there will be a need to haul the vacuum upstairs, opt for a lighter option. If you don’t have a upstairs then you have nothing to worry about. Plus, some pet hair vacuums are hand held. Online reviews are also great, because they allow you to see how satisfied customers are. These are just a few tips when looking for the perfect vacuum for pet hair.

How to go About Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are something that anyone that has a kitchen sink must own! It offers you clean sink and good hygiene. Without a garbage disposal you would not be able to properly rinse your leftovers down the sink. Food would become stuck in your sink, mold, and have a foul odor.

So clearly garbage disposals are much needed. If you are looking to replace your current garbage disposal or looking to add one to a new sink, then there are some things that you should know to help you with choosing the right one.

How to go About Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal

How to go About Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal

The first thing that you will need to do is decide what model garbage disposal will fit under your sink properly and suit your needs. There are basically two different types of garbage disposals that you can find available on the market to choose from. You could either choose a continuous feed garbage disposal, or a batch feed.

Continuous garbage disposals are the most common type of garbage disposals that people like to use. As long as you have the switch on this garbage disposal will stay running and pulverizing the food. You can run it until all of the food is gone from your sink. The batch feed garbage disposal has a cover that is required to be used for getting rid of waste. The cover has to be over the garbage disposal before you turn it on to get rid of the food.

This type of garbage disposal is less commonly used because it requires more effort to operate. However this garbage disposal is one that is safer to use as opposed to the continuous one which could injure hands or damage other items that accidentally fall into the grinder.

If you are interested in either one of the above mentioned garbage disposals, then you might want to check out some garbage disposal reviews online. You will be able to read what other people think about the various different types of models of garbage disposals that are available. It would also be a smart idea to compare prices and quality.

You don’t want a garbage disposal that is junk or that has a majority of negative reviews from previous buyers. It would be a wise idea to invest in a garbage disposal that will last you for some years to come. Just make sure to use it properly and to follow the instructions on the manual on how to care for it.

Making The Perfect Crepes At Home

There are many people that love eating crepes; so much that they often want to look into learning how to make their own crepes. If this sounds like you then you should continue to read on because you can learn more about making crepes and how you can go about buying the best crepe maker.

There are many people that that don’t even know what a crepe is, so let’s begin with discussing what a crepe is. Basically a crepe is a like a thin pancake. There are things that are wrapped up inside a crepe to make it taste good and add some flavor to it, such as meat and fruit. A crepe is a meal that can be eaten during any time of the day. People make them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Making The Perfect Crepes At Home

Making The Perfect Crepes At Home

When using a crepe maker, you need to pour the wheat flour mix into a pan and start cooking it with some vegetable oil or butter. When you are done cooking it, you will evenly spread the batter out in the pan with a flat spatula so that it is thin. Flip the batter over to the other side once the first side cooks.

Make sure that the crepe is fully cooked, because if it isn’t it won’t taste right. The crepe maker is then used so that you can add a number of different vegetables or meat to it. You roll the ingredients inside the crepe so that it is well packed. After you have packed all of your chosen ingredients inside the crepe you can now enjoy eating it. If you want a crepe that is sweet, just add your favorites or add chocolate to make a dessert crepe or a fruit crepe. There are various different ingredients that you can add to your crepe to customize it.

With every crepe that you cook you can roll something inside of it; you can get creative with it and make all of your crepes different; some with fruit and others with meat or vegetables. After you have rolled what you want inside the cooked crepe you will need to place it back into the pan to cook it. One type of crepe that is quite commonly eaten because of its popularity is the Crepe Suzette. This crepe is a dessert crepe that can often be found in restaurants on the dessert menu.